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      在美国,很多圣诞节的习俗来源于英国,比如putting up a tree, exchanging presents以及having a mid-day dinner。不过有些英国传统并没有流传到美国,这也造就了如今独特的英式圣诞节。Anglophenia在一期节目中介绍了10条英国特色圣诞习俗,我们逐一来看一下吧!
     1. Letters
      But, the Brits take it a step further and burn the letters in the fireplace so the ashes fly up the chimney and Father Christmas can read the smoke. If, like many, you don’t have a fireplace/chimney … be safe!
     2. Stockings
     Rather than hanging stockings above the fireplace, British children hang them at the end of their bed hoping they will be filled by Christmas morning. That would be a nice surprise to wake up to. At the same time it might be difficult for “Santa” to fill without waking the wee ones.
     在美国,大部分人家会把用来装礼物的Christmas stocking挂在壁炉上,等着圣诞老人送来礼物。不过在英国,人们会把它们挂在床边,这样一醒来就被礼物环绕的感觉会超爽,但是他们完全没有考虑过“圣诞老人”的感受啊,如何在不吵醒小孩子的同时把礼物塞进袜子真是个技术活儿呢!
     3. Crackers
     The cracker is a paper tube, covered in foil, twisted at both ends. It’s shaped like a large sweet with hidden treasures inside. Each person crosses their arms, their right hand to hold their cracker, and pulling their neighbor’s cracker with their left. POP! is a joke to be read at the dinner table, a small trinket and a paper crown.
     4. Crown
     Everyone is a king on Christmas! The paper crowns are made of tissue paper and unfold into an actual crown. Adults and children alike don the crown making it a colorful sight. The paper hat was added to the crackers in the early 1900s and the tradition has carried on.
     在圣诞节这天,人人都是国王哦!无论是小孩儿还是大人在圣诞节当天都会把这些纸皇冠戴在头上。画面很美对不对!人们最早在二十世纪初开始把这些纸皇冠放进Christmas cracker里面,这项传统延续至今。
     5. Mid-Day Dinner
     Christmas dinner is similar to that of the U.S. with a roast turkey, goose or chicken and trimmings. But, there are some specialty items that aren’ such as parsnips which are a root vegetable similar to a carrot. It’s a familiar taste but it’s fun to incorporate a new veggie to the table. Brits love their pudding but Yorkshire Pudding isn’t pudding-pudding like you would think. It’s more like a flakey, waiting to hold your gravy.
     6. Wassail
     Wassail literally means “good health” or to “be healthy” and in this case is a hot, mulled drink. There are different ways to serve it like a hot cider but it may also be made with a base of wine. It was originally topped with slices of toast as sops Wonder why wine drenched bread went out of style? Well, Brits may question Americans’ craving for eggnog over the holidays.
     英国人嗜酒善饮的特点全世界闻名,很多美剧里也常常把它作为一个梗来吐槽。主持人甚至说:在圣诞节,we soak everything in alcohol and set them on fire.
     7. Royal Christmas Message
     The V. Current day the Queen gives a speech on Christmas Day at 3pm in England. You can gather around the TV with your loved ones and watch it on BBC America … that’s about prime Christmas present opening time on this end with the time difference. BBCA will air it later in the day to allow family time. Check your listings for exact times as the day approaches.
     8. Tea
      rolls around 6pm and it is round two of a sit down with family and treats. Pretty much, the tea party. Rather than breaking out the Lipton, which would be spat at by any visiting Brit, we suggest PG Tips that originated in the UK in the 1930s. If you can’
     9. Boxing Day
     Boxing Day follows Christmas day and is a nationally recognized holiday in the UK, also called a bank holiday. It was originally the day for servants and tradesman to receive presents from their employers but it’s now basically a big shopping day for Brits. It’s similar to Black Friday in the U.S. Your boss may wonder why you didn’t go into the office as it’s not an official holiday in the U.S. Maybe celebrate this one after work and get your shop on?
     Boxing Day是圣诞节的第二天,它的起源比较有争议,有人说是这天会收到boss们的礼物,也有人说这天是人们送礼物给穷人,不过在今天,shopping就是Boxing Day的主题了!这跟美国的“黑色星期五”和咱们中国的双11双12差不多。
     10. Next Year
     Brits say you need to take your tree and decorations down within 12 days of Christmas or you’ll have bad luck for the next year. Don’ on the street with blinking lights that go on through Valentine’s Day! Get that stuff down and get on with the New Year!